Monday, 15 September 2014

FREE PATTERN: The Right Cowl

Short version of the neck warmer made with half of a 100gr hank organic merino, possibly lace weight. 
Long version of the neck warmer (hood-able).
3 balls of 100% certified Organic Merino
Armed with size 4.00 mm circular carbon fibre knitting needles
- 3 balls / 150grams of Heritage 100% certified organic merino
- size 4.00 mm circular knitting needles with 60cm cables
- 1 stitch marker

FREE PATTERN: Always Lovely

I know this pattern calls for summer yarn (cotton merino blend) but I felt that the organic merino stash I have would just be perfect for it.
It was a very simple lace pattern with easy to follow instruction.

Just make sure you are not watching some really awesome action movie like Resident Evil Retribution because I ended up having to undo 13 rows the next day!  Ouch!  No lifelines either!  Very clever, don't try this at home kids.

Happy creating :)

Friday, 15 August 2014

Ksana Ksini means Travel

How was your summer holiday?  We hope you have just as much fun as we did.

If you ever need inspiration on where to go around Indonesia, visit this lovely blog Ksana Ksini.
It has a lot of information on Bali and the rest of Indonesia (which are a lot!).

One thing I really like about my holiday was the fact that I was so disconnected from the world wide web and started connecting with everything else.
Did you know that being connected all the time (emails, social media, etc) is actually doing you more harm than good?

So what are you waiting for?  Get off the net already!  Hahaha :)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

10 Ways to offend Asians

 1.  Talk about LOVE.  Guaranteed can of worms opener

 2.  Blaspheme money.  How exactly those food got on the table?  You stupid or what ah?

 3.  Tell them they have a choice.  Between love or money, of cos money lah what!  You can buy love easy liao, didn't you see the ad?

 4.  Ask why they got married.  My ma told me, go get a wife, what lah!

 5.  No such thing as elderly always right, filial what?

 6.  Tradition is outdated.  I get congested chest when incense are burning, let me go out for smoke first lah.

 7.  Give them an "enlightenment" lesson.  What lah, trying to make me Christian meh?  Buddhist also got camping and those sorts of social stuff lah!

 8.  During a family gathering, ask in detail of the absent husband's whereabouts.  Who cares?  Work or mistress place, no difference one lah!

 9.  Express your concern over their children's pack schedule.  So I need to pamper myself one lah, come on, let them do well at school ah.

10. Wear your outside shoes in their house.  Now that's just it, get out of mah house!

To undo the damages caused by the above, pour expensive wine into everyone's cups.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

FREE pattern: Oh Baby Baby!

When I started knitting for babies, it was a shock to my family members as they think I'm hiding something.  
Fortunately, the factory has long closed and won't be producing till next life time.  
However, these baby projects are so much fun and they're so tiny you won't believe that we were once that small, too.

I am torn between knitting and crocheting.  I like the end result of knitting better and I think knitting uses less yarn, or it may just be my imagination.  Although, when it comes to the littlest thing, I think crocheting and tatting are easier method.

The FREE pattern for knitted beanie: click here.

Bamboo cotton yarn on KnitPro Symfonie 25cm circular 2.5mm needle
Premature size only used up 1/2 ball.  Boots are crocheted, my own pattern.
Crocheted boots, my own pattern.
Crocheted beanie, fit up to 2 years, my own pattern.  Used 1 ball for both boots and beanie.
 The happy uncle received it and was overjoyed that it will be the only one in the world.  

Monday, 16 June 2014

Lucy and Nuance

Lately I've been seeing movie clips with themes that focus on something unseen to the naked eye.
One example is the up coming Scarlett Johansson's "Lucy".
What if, we can really alter things by influencing the make up of the grid around us?  I think the answer depends on each individual human that will eventually influence the group as a whole.

Here's a short video clip of a dancer that 'plays' with the light he "created" (00:21).

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Arctic Ready Meditation Poncho

When a dear one asked me to make a poncho for meditation, I never thought it was going to be a "project".  I thought, oh yeah, ponchos, what could be so hard about it?  No sleeves, no collars,  no pockets, no zippers, sweet....

I used 24 balls Zealana Kauri worsted weight (60% fine NZ Merino, 30% Brushtail Possum, 10% Mulberry Silk) in Red Tuhi.
With 2 strands, I needed 6.00 mm circular KARBONZ Knit Pro Interchangeable Needles (yes they do feel supple and light, far from the generic one I used to have).
This is for a large size so, I started with connecting 2 cables of 40cm with the connector (this is the part that I hate most because sometimes they come undone, even after I fastened it with the fastener).  It makes me curious about the ADDI click system.

The pattern is worked from bottom up and very simple, that's why I added the cable in the middle to add some texture.  It's just garter at the bottom, garter for the sides with stockinette in the middle.  Then hood has to be worked back and forth and garter on it's sides.  Sew up the mid section of the hood together.
Then I added a little button with crochet hook and some chains to hook it up.

This is too big for me but in this soaring heat, only I would volunteer modelling it.
The back
The front
Some knitters opt not to work with possum yarn because they kill the animals to take the fur as oppose to just shearing them.  NZ do have a problem with possum as they are pests.  I just have a problem with the steep pricing they have for these yarns.
Alternate use when stored: plush pillow
The evidence
Helping NZ control pests a stitch at a time
Till next time Zealana yarn

Monday, 19 May 2014

Gift for Mama and Baby

Few days before the double birthday party invitation, I decided that handmade gifts are the best.  Next time, I'll always decide handmade gifts are the best in order to have more days to make bigger things.
Hand sewn silk gift bag
The baby girl turning 1, gets a pair of booties and a hat (90% cotton, 10% silk, UV protected).

The mama gets a little purse (100% cotton) to sling her mobile phone in it while holding the baby in her arms.

Hope they're happy with the gifts.  It was fun smiling so silly at the baby booties after it was finished.  

Thursday, 1 May 2014

FREE PATTERN: Tsubaki Cotton Hat & Cute Bolero

Tsubaki Cotton Hat & Cute Bolero
Free Pattern for hat: Tsubaki Cotton Hat

Free Pattern for bolero: Cute Bolero

Word of warning for the Tsubaki Cotton Hat: it's not an adult size pattern.  Perhaps my head is on the big side (58 cm circ.) and it is genetic?  The picture in the free pattern clearly shows an adult but I followed the pattern and it fits my daughter.

I used 2 strands of yarn for the hat but only the bamboo yarn for the bolero since I didn't want it to be too thick.
Hat used up 1 skein each, bolero used up almost 2 skeins.

Overall, the patterns were easy to follow, although some self adjustments were made when it came to the hat's brim and the pattern of the bolero.
Knitpro Crochet Hook 3mm

Monday, 21 April 2014

"The Moment of Beauty" by Takayuki Sato

Still from "The Moment of Beauty"
A video made by Takayuki Sato called "The Moment of Beauty" captured my attention just now.

This video confirms my recent realisations about "words".
Words exchanged between one individual to another during everyday life's conversations, words in print form, words sung, words in different languages, etc.

They said be careful of what you say, because wounds made to the heart from your words are harder to heal than those made by the sword to the skin.
I went around thinking that the words carry powerful energies that certain ones when said, can heal or harm.  I thought the secret lies within the word itself.  That the difference between appreciation and gratefulness is actually within the words.

I was wrong.

There are no energies pre-attached with words.  We put the energies to words when we utter them with our intention.
Who would've thought 20 years ago that making a comment such as, "Wow, that's so sick!" actually means something really good?
Sick isn't green and pale anymore, sick has evolved.

Have you evolved?

Make sure you click "The Moment of Beauty" , the beauty is not in the long flowing thick hair brushing against her fresh rosy cheeks, it's within.

Disclaimer:  Still taken from the video is not mine, all rights reserved to the video maker.

Monday, 31 March 2014


"Honesty is such a lonely word....honesty is hardly ever heard..."

Who doesn't know those lyrics from Billy Joel's "Honesty"?
Ok, how about Beyonce's "I Am...Sasha Fierce" album, Track #2.  Yes perhaps most of you recognise this chorus line there.

Why is honesty being called such a lonely word?
When one is honest with themselves, they find that the truth is their own truth and not anyone else's truth.
So, most people would rather lie to themselves and others in order to project an image or belong to a group.

Take this example.  A well known Metaphysics teacher, destiny reader, ancient knowledge teacher, what kind of life behind the facade he puts out, do you think he would have?
An enlightened one?
Think again.

When one is not in search of their true self, resorting into easing the pain and hurt of life in things like one's accomplishments and praise from others, one will not find true happiness.

"Happiness is the truth"  .... at least Will Pharell 'got it' in his current hit.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

FREE PATTERN: Crochet Shawl

Professional photographer needed!
The little fleurettes
The edgings 
Finished, yeay!
- 3 skeins of Bamboo Cotton (30%, 70%) anti bacterial yarn at 50g each
- 3.00mm crochet hooks

FREE PATTERN: Crochet Shawl
I love this Gyoso site because it has such simplistic instruction with diagrams that enabled me to simply whip up something really quickly.

This project is for mom who's suffering from Parkinson and Osteoporosis.
She leans around 45 degrees to her left side so I wanted her to have something small and light weight to just cover her neck and shoulder.

The working of this shawl is fairly straight forward with the body of the shawl first and the edgings to finish.
I would think the measurement can be adjusted, especially the length of the shoulder if one has a wider frame.
Mind you, this site is a Japanese site and Asian woman are mostly petite size, so, the picture do represent what it yields.
Get your measuring tape out before eagerly jumping into your project.

Have fun creating :)

FREE PATTERN: Frilly Scarf

- unknown brand of yarn, fingering weight, use 2 strands at once, 4 skeins of approximately 50g each.
- 5.00 mm crochet hook

Free Pattern: Frilly Scarf

The thing I love about this site is that the pattern is pretty much self explanatory with minimum words and some diagrams.

I did reworked the scarf twice (yes, painful, but it was a self fulfilling prophecy) because the yarn colour I had bought from the same batch was yielding different shade!
Lesson learnt: be careful when selecting a presumably same coloured yarn in a bag, check it thoroughly that they are the same shade!
Restarted again using the different shade worked together, instead of same shade worked together and ending up with different shade at the tip.

This is a surprise project for a friend, which is now missing in the mail since November 2013, just like the flight MH 370.
I hope whoever decided to retrieve this gift in the end, appreciates and love it as much as I loved making it.

Monday, 3 March 2014

My World according to My 7 Year Old

Yesterday, I had the liberty to thrust myself into an online miscommunication.
Not often that I let myself involve in this kind of thing as I had a definition that online life is not as real as the physical life.
Hence getting into an online argument equals to a waste of time.

However, it is hard to dismiss something when you're privately messaged.  Ah, this is another definition for me, to be privately messaged, it means business for me.  Just the same as being tagged, or being mentioned in someone's post.
These definitions of mine, pushed me into a total waste of time.

I could've dismissed the whole thing for nonsensical people fighting about a lost cause that was once fought, or I could be logical and actually try to remind them of the importance of internet safety.
Alas I chose the latter.  As predicted, total waste of time according to earlier definition.

Today however, I choose to change my definition.  Online life can be as real as one wants it to be.  So, for those who took online life so real that it becomes their reality, can thank me for putting my time typing about the danger of exposing themselves online if they take online life, that real.  You are very much welcome.
I'm glad I was not wasting my time as I once viewed it, that others actually took it that real.  So I thank you in return with much love and appreciation.

When I talked to my 7 year old about what happened, she said,
"Mom, you have weird friends."  
That pretty much summed it up for me about the entire "friendship" thing that I never quite understood to begin with.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Ode to February

   A realisation came into me in the past few days.  To teach love, one will make the student fall in love with him.  But in the end, the student realises that it is she who is falling in love with herself all over again.  There are so much misconceptions on love itself on earth, they make the love within us that is of the source, unrecognisable, forgotten, and even misdefined.   

Thursday, 27 February 2014

FREE: Win a Free Painting of your Animal!

"Pepsi the Cocker Spaniel"
Once again, my talented friend is holding a competition.
She's painting your pets and to launch her new site, she is giving away 1 lucky winner a chance to have his/her pet on the canvas.

Click here:

Remember to do the instructions before 3rd March 2014!

Monday, 10 February 2014

"The Randomers" Review

For those who did not catch the youtube link, click here to watch "The Randomers".
The advertisement read: "Female, 23, seeking relationship without speaking".

A movie about love, that truly had me put my knitting and crocheting down, because it has no dialogue.  What held it together was the actors amazing pairs of eyes that spoke volumes and a well put together pieces of music that has no connection at all, but only evokes reminiscence of Charlie Chaplin's silent movie or the sound of the distant cry of abandoned animals.

It takes guts to make a romantic story without words.  As Shakespeare puts it in "The Tempest":
     "Hear my soul speak: The very instant that I saw you, did my heart fly to your service."
How does the Graham Jones (director) succeeded in conveying these two lovebirds' love, without proper conversations between them?

For sure, you have to see the movie to know how.  Although, I can tell you this.
Watch for the beautiful ocean scenery around the west coast of Ireland, Connemara National Park, and forests around Galway.

Think about this, if you don't count the meaningless conversations between you and your partner, such as, "Coming back for dinner?", "What time do you expect me to be at your office function?", and the sort, then, you'll know that between the two of you, you pretty much do not saying anything meaningful throughout the day.
Discounting the "I love you"s that became pretty much a drill.

Perhaps this valentine, you can look into your partner's eyes and tell her what you really feel without speaking a word.  If she doesn't get it, try a sonnet?

"The Merchant of Venice"
     "One half of me is yours, the other half yours mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours, and so all yours."

Sunday, 9 February 2014

FREE: Valentine Movie

Love according to a 7 year old...
Remember those days where you have to go to the DVD rental shop to take out movies for a perfect date night in?

Nowadays, just concentrate on the popcorn popping and let youtube load your movies.

Here's a perfect Valentine's Day movie from a celebrated film maker Graham Jones.

Click here for The Randomers.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mainstream Defiler

If I were a person living in the middle ages, I would be a woman who knows how to read (at that time, people outside the church did not learn how to read/write) and just so happen to have a black cat, and was fried at the stake.

Since then, I never choose a role that's boring as so called 'mainstream role'.  Although I bought into 'mainstream' a long long time ago, thinking that I'd be an awesome accountant for the big 5 with a super IT husband and a pair of cutesy pie kids.  
To have life turned out like what it is now, is like trying to go to London-England, but somehow ending up at London-Canada.

I guess I'm a 'mainstream defiler' and I've been given a very much non-mainstream child.  Call her "special needs kid", call her "autistic", call her "naughty", I call her my love.

Everyday I wake up and thank the source for giving me the life that I never expected.  That my world is so different from my peers' and that makes me ready for anything and everything.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Are You On Auto Pilot?

Is that a dummy smothering the pilot???
The title perhaps need to be elaborated.  It is no surprise that most of us are on auto pilot for the entire living days we are on earth.

When one is born a Chinese descent, you know that on Lunar New Year's eve, you'll see so many people you don't know, that you call something or rather title (apparently related somehow to you), they'll be eating the food that your mom slaved over for days to prepare, and goes home only to appear again the next day, wearing new shiny traditional Chinese clothes (or red in colour), bringing their entire family (the more kids they have, the bigger headache your mom has) and talk loudly with your parents while their kids receiving red pocket called 'angbao'.
Then your parents would nudge you to say that Chinese lines that you've practiced over and over again, fold your fist together and expects to be given an 'angbao', too.

From then on, every year approaching that Lunar New Year's eve, you'll hear your mom stressing out on how the house should be painted over outside, then inside, then outside, then inside, then new furniture is imperative, then new dining set is a must and the list goes on.
As she gets older and we get more mobile, she'll start telling you to stop sweeping the floor on New Year's day, don't cut your nails or use scissors on New Year's day, don't work on New Year's day, and a bunch of new rules to follow on and on and on.
Then your mom goes through a phase of acquiring new skills, Chinese art of Feng Shui and other Chinese metaphysics topics.  The bunch of rules for New Year, became more exact and calculated.  It becomes a hard line doctrine.  Stars are flown every year and plants move accordingly.  The repainting and redecorating becomes even crazier, because apparently you're a Goat, she's a Snake, and dad just shook his head thinking oh boy what are we arguing about!

This is the auto pilot of a well versed overseas Chinese.  Perhaps some other can tell me their version of auto pilot before Christmas.  Thankfully, I'm not on auto pilot anymore.
In fact tomorrow, I might just start my day by sweeping the floor, washing my hair, and working all day.  Let's see what happens to me this year.
Fly horsey, horsey, doesn't matter if you're a wooden horse, I know you're made of cloud, so, fly.....

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's not about the Destination

It's about the journey and the things you learn when you stop and be silent
Summer has been lovely and for the first time in many a long year I stayed in NZ and more particularly enjoyed my house and garden.
Long days with the windows and doors open and the sweet smell of jasmine perfuming the interior of the house whose internal shadows provided a delicious cool against the afternoon heat outside.
Early evenings, just before sunset, found me with a glass of wine in one hand and a hose in the other watering my garden and my crops of spinach which I am growing to give me iron and standing in the wisps of cooking smoke from the barbecue as they danced across the stones and bore themselves upwards before melting into the trees.

Also friends have been kind and plentiful and I have hardly had an evening alone. There has been good company nearly all the time. 
This year, too, the shop turns 100 years old.
How I have come to love being in my shop more than ever. The work itself provides useful occupation and enjoyment especially when mingled with lunches at Heizou and Tai Chi practice to the amusement of window shoppers who catch me at it and piano practice and visiting friends. Moreover it is a quiet haven away from the maddening crowd.                       I have so much to be grateful for.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

FREE: Competition

Guess what!
If you love animals, you get the chance of winning a painting through this competition.

Just click the link below and follow the instruction with the picture like the above.

Do it before 24th January 2014!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sew Along Qi Pao for Lunar New Year

The Qi Pao remix
As the Lunar New Year is coming closer (31 January 2014), a favourite sewing site that uses Japanese sewing pattern is holding a sew along little girls' Qi Pao (Chinese girls' dress).
I'm so excited and am sharing with all of my readers here.

Click this link:
Japanese Sewing Books Qi Pao Sew Along

Fabric guide for this dress is usually thick silk material with elaborate embroidery, but a normal cotton will do just fine since little girls grew up so fast and will only wear the dress once a per year.
As for me, I have my formal red Qi Pao that I wore once for a Gu Zheng competition, and a fun cotton one that I probably will never wear.  Because I prefer my flip flop and normal clothes for everyday, even on that day :)

Disclaimer: the picture above is not mine and not the sew along dress.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sorting Out the Posts

It's been a few years since I started blogging and I found that my posts are so varied that it became cluttered.
So this year I have decided to separate my daughter's work and my spiritual development from my original single life obsessions posts.

To see what my daughter does, go to:
Splendid Story Writing

To see my spiritual development progress, go to:
Quantum Energy Works

To see what I obsessed about this very moment, go to:

Phew, I feel like I've tidied up my desk even though I still can't see the surface.

"World War Z" Review

I am not drawn to movies with zombies, but the fact that it was partly shot in Malta, I'll give Brad Pitt another chance to redeem himself after 6 children with Angie.

The movie centered on 'Gerry' (Brad Pitt), a United Nations employee and how he alone saves the world from a pandemic that turns humans into flesh eating animal like creatures.

To me, the plot is predictable (inspired from Max Brooks' 2006 apocalyptic horror novel "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War") and the way the zombies behave, i.e. throwing themselves onto their prey (were they replaced by dolls for those actions? hence the throwing themselves movement?), was unsavory and to have the thought "Walking Dead" perhaps is a better representative of this zombie actions makes it more uncouth.  The teeth clacking part were truly comical.

The funny part came when the story moves to Jerusalem (shot in Valletta, Malta's capital) and the Maltese native who's watching the movie with me started pointing out the streets he often passes and the fact that those extras playing the crowds was shouting "ejja, ejja" (Maltese for "come on, come on"), of course it could've been one of those universal sounds like "oh" or "ah".

For me, the message was too clear for mass subliminal messages.
"Get vaccinated always".
The movie shows that Pitt injected himself with a deadly pathogen to escape being bitten, then when UN develops an anti virus, he's injected again with that anti virus.  Wow, how many times are you going to get yourself injected, Pitt?
For a fact, I never get a flu shot, and I hardly ever get flu ever!  Compare myself to my siblings who do get a shot, they've been sick all year long with flu or cough in and out all the time.  What's wrong here?  Something clearly doesn't add up to me.

To sum it up, I don't like this movie.  Firstly for the cheap body (dummy) throwing zombies.  Secondly, for the underlying mass brainwashing fear induced message of get yourself a jab or die.  The movie end by saying that we need to help each other, well, that's all true, but help each other in what?  Reminding your neighbour to get vaccinated?
Give it a pass if you don't like to be blatantly brainwashed.

Disclaimer:  I do not own the photo above.